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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cabin Pressure... yellow car!

On Monday I listened to Ottery St Mary.  That helped improve life immeasurably.  8)

If you haven't heard it yet, don't delay.  It's another brilliant episode of Cabin Pressure from season 3.

You could actually listen to Ottery St Mary without knowing anything else of the show, but it's great listening in order, which I've been doing with the eps.

Here's John Finnemore's blog post about Ottery St Mary, which is one of my favorites now.  Don't read that post until AFTER you hear the ep!

I'm slowly getting through season 3, and I'll probably have to buy season 4 from Amazonia.  Although their sellers failed me twice, and Barnes and Noble could only get me s1-3.  So it's that or direct from the BBC Store.

I have decided that this ep means Sherlock is an otter because Ben said his own face was like an otter -- and then there was Ottery St Mary -- and then the Internet learnt that Benedict/Sherlock is an otter.  Because reasons.

Also circular logic is circular.

Although it should really mean that MARTIN CRIEFF is an otter.  Apparently all fandom -- both Sherlock and Cabin Pressure -- is way ahead of me on that.  8)

But then I'm just slowly getting caught up on CP, so there you have it.

(Interview) The Case of the Accidental Superstar is about Ben.  Of course.  FYI:  Ben's otter comment is in there.

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