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Monday, March 31, 2014

Johnlock series and a meta.


This won't please all Johnlock fans, but if you're into meta, here's some meta about John Watson's sexuality from ivyblossom.  Sexual identity IS complicated.

Herein lies the Chapter Index for The Adventures of a Single Girl in London (Plus a Consulting Detective) by earlgreytea68.  This is a fix-it fic.  If you happened to have problems with s3, or with certain parts of how His Last Vow played out, this may be the fic for you.

It will cause feels for many fans.  Enjoy!  I certainly did.

Her sense of humor is lovely.  Which is why I'm reading it again.

FYI:  Although the story doesn't completely sell me on Johnlock, almost no writer can do that.  (Still not a shipper.)  It's statistically probable that if you ship, the story will work for you.  And that is what is important after all.  8)

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