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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Metas on His Last Vow.

Oh dear darling tumblr... our source of speculation and...

If you didn't like Vow, here are some others who critique it, such as earlgreytea and marsdaydream.

More crits on specifics, such as the grace cycle about the ----, and
makethemintoshoes covers the ending.

About our villains (from batlock).  Yes, plural.

There will be a LOT of discussion about Mary, such as "Something about Mary" by ivyblossom.

Mary crits such as one by wingoutstretched and another by violethuntress (covering Mary and Irene, in fact).

... and I was going to put lots more here, but I can't, I just can't keep up.  There's meta lists on tumblr; here's knackorcraft's meta list for Vow as of 10-Jan-2014.

Do let me know if you get more, I'll put them into another meta post.  I originally began writing this post in late January 2014.

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