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Friday, April 25, 2014

S4 production delay: Shakespeare, Fargo.

Hypable summarizes Martin talking about producing s4... after Richard III, in which Martin stars from July through September 2014.

Per Anglophenia at BBC America, Ben will also play Richard III, for the BBC, in three plays:  Henry VI parts 1 and 2, and Richard III.

Martin's starring in Fargo on FX right now -- I missed the premiere, but I think we can still get it before the series ends.  You can see the Fargo miniseries trailer over at Digital Spy.

If you look at the FargoFX Twitter, some of their Tweets will give you an idea about what Fargo is like.  I've never seen the movie inspiration, but I understand that if you like dark humor AND gruesome, then that's your guide.

Sherlock S3 spoilers inside this interview of Martin about Fargo.

For Sherlock s4 teasers -- not spoilers! -- see Hypable's news 5-March-2014.  Short version:  Don't expect s4 before 2016.

A bit more detail can be found at The Hollywood Reporter on 4-March-2014.

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