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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Grab-bag: All sorts of things.

Ooooh, more Study in Pink speculation!

Poor Mycroft.  It really was not a shining moment for the Holmes brothers, was it?  Never try to outdo your brother... either brother!  It never ends well.

"Sibling rivalry... now we're getting somewhere."

Missing John Watson?  Here's a link to some promo s1 pics of Martin as John.  8)

Buzzfeed interview's title is misleading, as it has very little about Benedict; but if you're interested in what's behind the writing of the Turing biopic, you'll be fascinated.  I was.

And here's more lovely promo pics of s3 via deareje (and Lokke)!

A sweet little essay by Colin Firth... about Benedict.  8)

A MorMor [and Mor/other] shipping blog, Life and Times of the Tiger Sniper.

Funny fan art of two amazing collabs, Mycroft and Holmes, and Watson and Holmes.  Enjoy!

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