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Monday, April 28, 2014


I didn't know that the BBC was playing s4 of Cabin Pressure right now.

But if you hurry, there's four (4!) days left to listen to Wokingham.  Go listen, do -- it is hilarious!

I tend to follow along with the ep transcript, which also helps if you're dying with laughter, like I was.

What a fabulous ep!

If you have not heard the rest of s4, I think you're completely safe in listening to this ep.  Wokingham all made perfect sense to me.

Until now, I had heard all eps from A through S.  So everything from s1, s2, and s3, including the first Christmas special [s2 e7].

SPOILERS:  For people who've heard both Wokingham and its predecessor, Vaduz, here's some behind-the-scenes commentary from the transcriber, Ariane DeVere.  Those eps were recorded for s4 on 16-December-2012.

Make sure to keep an eye on BBC Radio 4, because they'll probably -- fingers crossed! -- play the last two eps of s4 next month.  I suspect that you'll need to have heard the rest, however:  Timbuktu, Uskerty, and Vaduz.

All the Cabin Pressure transcripts are online, so if you can't listen, you can always read them.  Do note that reading them first sometimes spoils listening... although I actually read several transcripts from s1 before I got to hear any recordings.

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