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Friday, May 2, 2014

X of Cabin Pressure; Una's birthday; Sherlock delay confirmed.

Ooooh, not only Wokingham, but Xinzhou is also available for the next seven (7!) days.

Yes, I know, Wokingham's week was supposed to be up soon, but apparently Radio 4 loves that ep too, because they both say seven days to listen right now!

Oh, darling Cabin Pressure, I wish I'd known sooner that s4 was on.  I am terribly sorry not to have heard s4's ep1, ep2, and ep3.

May Radio 4 keep giving us replays of s4 to bide us until Zurich airs!

Yesterday was Una Stubb's birthday.  I missed that too.  Hoping she had a lovely birthday.

Yep, expect most definitely a wait of two years until Sherlock s4.  Just like between the other seasons.  So no real surprise.

But don't think of it as the fandom dying.  Think of it as all the fics that will be written, all the fan art created, all the fan vids... think instead of how creative we are.  And then turn more people to Sherlock.  'Cause you know you can.

I fully expect you -- and us! -- to accomplish it.  8)

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