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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mark on s4; SH, Mummy and flowers.

Radio Times got about twenty seconds with Mark Gatiss about s4.  Digital Spy has a little more here [without audio], along with the surety that there will be a whole season, not a one-off.  8D

The entire BAFTA 2014 interview is here, over seven minutes.  Beware:  S3 spoilers included!  

Amanda is staying off Twitter -- possibly just on the nights it airs? -- to avoid Fargo spoilers.  I still haven't seen Fargo myself, and couldn't get a hold of the first ep, so I may await reruns.

S3 spoilers after this point:  
If you haven't seen s3 yet, don't continue.  Of course if you don't know what I mean yet, you may be perfectly safe.  No, really.

Apparently Mummy took lots of pictures for us!  8)

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