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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Many clever thoughts on s2 and s3.

Speculation on s3 AND s2.  So if you haven't seen s3, skip this.  Theories by the incomparable Final Problem on tumblr.

These are NOT all one-ep links, so read them at your peril.  They will often discuss multiple issues for different episodes.

Down the rabbit hole!


There's a new tag, The Empty Fall and other S3 theory posts, which discusses these and more.  Have some highlights...

The kidnapping in RF and a kidnapping footnote.  Sherlock, you lying liar, aka a lookalike corpse?

Active errors, or continuity issue:  blood on the pavement.

Another fail with The Plan, aka Team Awful Brothers/Deus ex Mycroft.

A really lovely piece about the waterfall aspect of Reichenbach combined with genius boredom.

No ordinary criminal... so it wasn't Mycroft after all!  Bwahahah.

ETA:  Box of hoaxes for Hearse, which I think I just fell in love with.  Also the writer.  Except, uh, I already adore Final Problem....

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