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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sherlock gets 7 Emmys!

Buzzfeed:  “Sherlock” Was The Biggest Winner At The Emmys.

Variety puts it differently.

Sherlock hunts down Emmys hat-trick says the Glasgow Evening Times.

But you gotta love Forbes and their headline, Emmys 2014: BBC The Big Winner As 'Sherlock' Beats 'Breaking Bad' And 'Game Of Thrones'.  Although that writer doesn't actually like our show, it's still a great headline.

In case you were wondering, Ben and Martin are both in London and could not attend the Emmys.  Ben is filming and Martin is Richard III.

The Anglophile weighs in with her thoughts about the Emmy voters catching up on Sherlock.

And yes, Mofftiss is talking about season 4.  Er, I should say teasing about it.

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