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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Benedict wins the IB Challenge!

I take it back, I should have known that Ben would have a load of fun taking on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Tom.  The chance to ham it up on screen for us all and tease fandom like crazy?  Perfect opportunity!

He made his video (above) into the best little movie with as much fun as possible.  If he wasn't the director as well as the plotter-in-chief, I'd be terribly shocked.

The Daily Mail has screen shots and his dialog there, in case you couldn't hear Ben speak very well (certainly I couldn't).  I love the final lonely ice cube sliding down his car!

More Cumbercupcakes of his video here.  8)  They are mildly NSFW, in case you're wondering.

If you'd like to donate, the ALS birthday donation site is able to take donations there -- and that way they'll know you're doing it for Ben's efforts.

You can also use the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge site in the USA.

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