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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ice bucket challenge to Ben.

Tom Hiddleston just challenged Benedict to the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS.  I've linked it via the Tweet as well as the direct link, just in case.  ;)

Of course, nothing is complete unless Sherlock's challenged too.  So The Woman took care of that.  She was... inspired by Tom.  Clearly.  8)

If you hadn't heard of the Challenge yet...

The NYT says it's raised millions for the ALS Association, which is wonderful.

TIME tells how the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge all started.

Best of all is the Guardian's The ice bucket challenge for ALS is a gimmick – and it's good.  Charity fundraising is good.  Donate, nominate, do what works for you.

But remember that Stephen Hawking is the rare one who survives; most sufferers of the disease die.  Swiftly.  It's an underfunded disease as the blogger points out.

To bring it back to Ben, he's been involved with raising money and awareness for ALS since Hawking, if I may generalize.  We here in the fandom raise a heap of money for ALS annually because Ben cares about it and we agree with him that ALS matters.

I use my blog to raise awareness when I can.  Please spread the word too.  Many thanks.  Buckets away!

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