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Friday, December 19, 2014

The Hobbit... ends.

Oh yeah... because you know the final installment of The Hobbit is out.  8D

Hence a handful of links brought to you by Google, since The Woman already offered the multiple-choice question.

Critics might have liked The Hobbit even less if it were shorter at Vox... aka Why we prefer our movies to not diverge too much from our books.  ;b

Hmmm, interesting that various people see The Hobbit as very different from LoTR.  It is, too.  I'd been a huge fan of LoTR before college.  I've stayed keen on The Hobbit and JRRT's "Smith of Wootton Major" [and "Farmer Giles of Ham" is fun].  So I'm not the person to ask JRRT trivia of, since in most cases I don't recall anymore.

If you happen to be a staunch fan of them both, you may want to avoid these links -- or not.  8)

"The Hobbit": One book to rule them all at the New Yorker.

HuffPo's Dislike Peter Jackson's The Hobbit? Then You Don't Know Tolkien (from December 2012).

Wired's Read a Lawyer’s Amazingly Detailed Analysis of Bilbo’s Contract in The Hobbit (from January 2013).  Which is pretty frickin' cool.

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