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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Zurich and Good Omens!

In case you didn't know, Cabin Pressure's finale Zurich is nigh.  As in mere days away.

Are you ready for Cabin Pressure to land before Christmas 2014?

BBC Radio 4 will air Zurich part 1 on Tuesday 23rd and Zurich part 2 on Wednesday 24th December, at 6.30pm GMT.

(Pssst, if you can't get the BBC iPlayer to work, try the tumblr sites in this post.)

And Cabin Pressure has an Advent Calendar on tumblr!  No, really.

John Finnemore is doing Farewell Bear Facts for all episodes on his blog.  (Which I discovered through a CP fan page on FB.)  He started this last month, so Farewell Bear Facts - Douz began December.

For a teensy preview -- i.e., a few seconds of Zurich (with no spoilers) -- listen to Londonphile's tumblr.

Plus Good Omens is coming out this month too -- in fact, it is airing in six parts over 22-December-2014 and ends 27-Dec-14.

I point this out because Loo Brealey is the nun.  :D  She is Sister Mary Loquacious.

The authors (Neil Gaiman and Sir Terry Pratchett) get to play parts too.  Here's their cameo.

Good Omens and Last Ever Cabin Pressure Confirmed in Radio 4 Christmas Schedule.

Goodbye GERTI:  Stephanie Cole Interview

Radio Four is giving us quite a Christmas 2014!

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