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Sunday, July 19, 2015

What's happening today?

Well, it's Ben's 39th birthday.  Twitter -- and I expect the rest of the Interweb, whether or not you believe Radio Times (;b) -- is exploding with birthday wishes to Ben.

Martin and Amanda are in Italy with their family.  At the Giffoni Film Festival.  8)

Where it sounds like they're being treated most excellently.  Go, Italy!  So proud of you, O land of my grandfather's parents.

Yeah... good thing we have the Interweb and those pesky meddling online calendars to meep at us.  =huge eyes=

Happy birthday, Ben, and happy day to all of us.  He's amazing and he brightens our lives.  May Sophie and Ben and their son all have an amazing day.

Love, the fandom.  (Arthur has the airport today, sorry, folks.)

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