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Friday, December 18, 2015

All about the Special...

Well, all about how to locate and/or buy the Special... after these words from Team Sherlock, that is.  ;d  Plus more trailers -- because why not?  :D

*** Beware! spoilers for the Special are inside that trailer.  They were in costume. ***

This is a longer trailer, from BBC America back in October, with some things I hadn't seen in other trailers.

Remember, you have entered the SPOILER ZONE.  
You have been warned.  Grab your deerstalker and be ready, my dears!

It was such a pretty picture, I had to post it too.  Sort of sorry.

From October 2015, 10 Things We Learnt About Sherlock at MCM Comic Con.

Remember 8-October-2015?  Ah yes, the day we got John Watson's snarky command to Sherlock Holmes, i.e., "Wear the damn hat!" (at Digital Spy).

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