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Sunday, April 24, 2016

April: mixed bag.

A variety of stuff today -- from speculation on s4 (thanks, Final Problem!) and the 2016 Special ep to Twitter and a fic.  And Mark's award!

Fic written by A Study in Punk, one of the very best Sherlock RP players on Twitter:  "Deus Ex Machina" -- not what you think.

AND Mark won an Olivier!

Final Problem gives you her spoiler policy, which is pretty thorough -- and describes how to block tags on tumblr.  And since that's possibly why you're here, for spoilers...

PROBABLE SPOILERS for s4 follow!

Still thinking about things that happened in s3?  So is FP.  What about that gold in The Sign of the Three?  For that matter, what about our missing villain?  Yeah, "that guy" -- him.  The one that didn't seem to do his job right.

And now we fall into s4 speculation about that guy and the cliffhanger for s3.  Very tasty it is too.

Nice places, shame if something happened here...  perhaps he's gone to Pentonville?

Via artist's tumblr (russianval)

A bit of TAB:  something {SPOILER} done with LEGOs for part of the 2016 Special.  :D  A spoiler-discussion of the Special (and Things In It) that did indeed prove to be faked.

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