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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Today Team BC does Palace to Palace!

Cumberbatched moments:  Cheltenham a week ago.  Ideal boyfriend.  Cheers to your existence.  Do it again, Ben.  Many variations on Benedict Cumberbatch, i.e., a poster of his roles.

Fan shirt -- Cumberbatch/Sherlock.

The Cake at Cheltenham:  what kind and congrats.

If you hadn't seen Benedict's response to the donations for Palace to Palace tomorrow, here it is:
Wow!!. You are all amazing! We couldn't do what we are trying to do on Sunday without this. It's an amazing amount of money to raise for incredibly worthy cause. Adam and I can't thank you enough. We're really impressed and touched as the trust will be. Your generosity is well beyond the call of duty in these cash-strapped times. Onwards and upwards with still more coming in. Thank you thank you thank you! Benedict X
As of tonight, a few hours away from the cycle ride,  here's where they stand:

Goal: £20,000
Raised: £23,616

GO US, go fandom, go Adam and Benedict -- go Team BC!!!

The video of Team BC training is here.

I expect Twitter to be busy in a few minutes, as the UK is waking up and I'm fairly certain the cycling starts in maybe a half hour.  :D  No, really.

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