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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

RP: A game of messages.

*** Inspired by a recent RP session on Twitter 18-Nov-2012. ***

Transcript of messages sent to Mycroft Holmes:

{ Email excerpt, sent to S. Moran }

Sebastian, convey my regards to SH on his timely rescue, if you'd be so kind. Well done. As always.

{ Text messages from person designated as "Ninja" to "Jim Moriarty"; respectively @ninja_CE and @IAmMoriartea }

James: Preferences regarding Chloe?

Afraid your leaving with SH gave her ideas. Such a pity.

SH arrived safely. Sebastian has coordinates, of course.

Doctor's report says no adverse reactions to tranquillizer (used in place of bullet).

His shooter may still be useful. Status presently.

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