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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Game Is On and other sweets.

Mycroft pose.  Afraid this is [nearly] all spoiler zone territory.

The Game Is On...  Something I completely missed, but which sounded fun -- a Q-and-A with Team Sherlock.  Well, a bunch of them.  Una and Andrew couldn't make it, nor Benedict either.

Here's some selected quotes.   Cumberbatchweb's write-up of The Game Is On.

Some fan videos by Missabre and various other goodies, like swag, art, and so on -- courtesy of SherlockCares, discovered through the folks at the Seattle Sherlock convention.

Far art of Doctor Watson, using scenes throughout the series, and Mycroft's first meeting with John.

Pic:  Sherlock with a gun in Scandal.  Radio Times asks "What does [the name] Cumberbatch mean?"

Baskerville:  Where does the smart code lead?

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