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Friday, November 16, 2012

Cluedo and fan art and crossovers, oh my.

Sherlock Cluedo!  And of course Sherlockology knows where you can get it.  :D

Cumberbatched gifs.  An explanation of writing fanfic as storytelling.

Spoiler zone -- nearly all season 2.

Speculations and other things, both Mycroftian and Sherlockian.

1972?  Don't say Mycroft is not an obliging person (unless you're Sherlock, of course).

Scotland Yard calls upon...

Fan art:  Watch you dance.  "England would fall!"

Crossover fan art:  For Johnlock shippers.  And because you need some funnies by now, a mix of funny and feels -- and Star Trek: DS9!

New TV spot of The Hobbit.

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