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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Interviews Martin, Rupert -- Babes' s4 predictions.

Let's talk about Martin.  These are all 2014 interviews.  Expect s3, Richard III, Fargo, and Gollum.  Because all those go together... okay, maybe not.

If you haven't read Martin's Shakespeare invented Gollum interview over at the Telegraph, you should.

Why Martin Freeman Pretended His Wallet was Stolen at His ‘Sherlock’ Audition at BBC America.

Mark Gatiss interviews Martin Freeman at Radio Times.

As for Sherlock s4, remember not to trust what our friendly writer =cough= trolls say, despite things like this at the Telegraph (s3 spoilers in link and title).  Wait until we're in setlock.

Radio Times got a minute to chat with Rupert Graves.  So of course they brought up... Ben's Ice Bucket Challenge.

A pity they didn't ask Rupert about his own!

The Baker Street Babes have a transcript of their own Sherlock s4 predictions.  Starts off hilarious, gets very dark -- and if you aren't up on the canon, they'll tell you about that too.  I'm particularly pleased that they brought up the problem of Dear Jim.  I wonder how Team Sherlock will solve it?

I really want that brine, it'd be so funny!

The Babes know far more about canon than I do, btw.

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