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Monday, September 8, 2014

Birthdays: Martin's now, Rupert's (June!).

And it's also Martin's birthday today.  I hope he had a very happy one!

But here's a gift from Rupert's kids.  His Ice Bucket Challenge!

Rupert's own birthday was 30-June, and I'm sorry... for I am almost positive that I completely missed it.  :/  (Yep, I did.  Damn.)  I'm sure I forgot to Tweet him that day.


  1. I wouldn't worry about missing Rupert's - most of the main Sherlock blogs did too :( - but thanks for mentioning it now and glad you liked the GravesDiggers tweet for Martin's birthday!

    1. Well, I do feel bad -- too caught up in Ben's b-day then! And Rupert's such a sweetie. I shall have to set up b-day alerts or something. =ponders=

      Thanks for the GravesDiggers Tweet. 8) Martin had a lot of lovely pictorial Tweets, but yours was distinctive and much appreciated.