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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ben's GQ, UK raffle, Mark's Reddit...

Ben's GQ is sold out.  Apparently Benedict won their award or something, and you know how that makes magazines vanish.  Of course, his drunken acceptance speech on tumblr has already made fandom very happy.

Don't worry, they'll make more GQ just for us.

Vanity Fair, bless 'em, took his speech in stride.  Don't you love finding fellow Cumberfans?

Oh yeah, and Mark Gatiss did a Reddit AMA.  Go and be distracted!

In case that wasn't enough, Metro UK says you can win tea with Andrew Scott and Benedict in 6 things to remember if you meet Benedict Cumberbatch (because there really is a chance that you can).  However, it's not worldwide, alas.  8(

The raffle is here at National Theatre and ends 16-Sept-2014 for UK residents only over the age of 16.

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