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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Anglo Quarterfinals; HFA awards and TIG!

The Imitation Game is out in the UK as of 14-Nov-14, and will be out soon -- elsewhere on 28-Nov-14.  (I'm finding mixed messages, some say that TIG is out in the USA on 21st, some the 28th, so check your local listings.)

And The Imitation Game got four Hollywood Film Awards!

Anglo Fan Favorites has progressed:  Only Ben and Martin are left of Team Sherlock.  One Doctor left -- the Tenth with Loki, Outlander vs. House...

Problem is, Ben is neck-and-neck with Merlin -- don't you know the dragon always wins, wizard?

While Martin is fighting against the Dwarf who is not yet king, his comrade in The Hobbit.

Make sure to vote often for Ben and Martin.  Let's see who gets to battle Loki or Ten next week!

The Quarterfinals are open until 11am ET, 21-November, Friday.

Plus, tumblr has deleted script scenes from Sherlock (s1 s2 s3) from The Sherlock Chronicles.

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