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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ben's interviews this week; Anglo FF.

Tonight Ben was with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show.  I lucked out and turned on TV just in time.

Here's the NBC link in case you can't get the other Three Word game to load.

On Tuesday night, 18-Nov-14, Ben will be on The Daily Show.  I'm sure he's elsewhere, I only know about these two interviews.  This week, that is!

Vanity Fair is clearly Cumberbatched too, not only because of their article Benedict Cumberbatch on His Traditional Engagement and the Possibility of Cumberbabies... but the way they bring up Ben's engagement while talking about Jon Stewart.  I think they must need Cumberhugs at VF too.

Video: Ben in top hat and tails, doing a photo shoot with People Magazine.

Anglo Fan Faves update:  Ben is losing, Martin is losing.  Argh!! 

Do vote often if you're voting for Team Sherlock -- well, vote for who you like, of course, but I should like Our Boys to win.  They're the underdogs this time, alas.

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