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Sunday, November 23, 2014

S4, Una, a fan vid; Anglo FF.

Reasons why we love Una Stubbs -- tumblr user jennylevey would like to send Una a collection of these.  Do reblog, I pray you!

Your Love Is My Drug - Sherlock by Lemon Swordfish

One of my favorite instrumental fan vids, all s1.  It's lovely.  I could listen to it for hours (and sometimes do).

Both Ben and Martin got swept out of Anglo Fan Faves.  (So did Tom Hiddleston, which is a bit shocking.  Loki lost to the Doctor!)  I suspect the actors who were cheering their fans on got more than a little boost.  I don't recall that happening before.

So if you're still voting, Thorin's against the Tenth Doctor, while the Outlander is crushing Merlin.  I feel this is fitting, since Smaug should've won, clearly.  ;b

Snapshot of Anglo Fan Faves, Women 2014, which starts 1-Dec-14.  Note that Lara, Loo, and Una are all in again this time around!  But... Amanda isn't.

If you haven't seen all of s3 yet, avoid this.  Possible s4 spoilers -- and just as likely, Mark just messing with us.  Like he and Steven tend to do.  :D

These are all from Radio Times.

Mark Gatiss: Next Sherlock is very special and tremendously exciting - but may not be at Christmas

Mark Gatiss: The Sherlock special will "completely" solve the mystery of Moriarty’s return

Mark Gatiss on Sherlock series 4: “You can expect tragedy as well as adventure"

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