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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tribute to Cabin Pressure.

On Monday, 3-Nov-2014, I found out about this.  Alas, much too late to tell you before the project was done, but now you can enjoy what was done.

A year ago, the fans running the Cabin Pressure fan site decided to do a Thank You for Cabin Pressure project on tumblr.  The updates are here.

So I thought this would be a good thing for Thanksgiving.  Because we're thankful for CP, and knowing that other fans expressed how we all feel... is something to be thankful for.  Along with the cast of CP.

It is amazing, and may make you cry too.  (I'm all sniffly now!)

… and he left a Youtube comment on the Thank You video!
- goflysomeplane

Here is John Finnemore's thank-you post on his blog (on 6-March-2014).

Warning:  The project is CLOSED; don't submit to its tumblr.

If you want to keep donating to the National Literacy Trust, you still can via JustGiving: Thank You, Cabin Pressure.

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