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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jon Stewart's Cumberbatched; plus Smaug.

As headlines go, you can't top these.  No, really, you can't.

Week’s Best TV: Jon Stewart Proposes to Benedict Cumberbatch -- from that link they have one quote [from the interview itself] and one comment.
"I guess this would be the wrong time to ask you to marry me." But if not now, when?

Even TIME got into the act with Jon Stewart Admits He Wants to Rip Off Benedict Cumberbatch’s Clothes (no article, just the video).

 The Hollywood Reporter has Jon Stewart Hits on Benedict Cumberbatch: I Want to Rip Your Clothes Off; while EW is more low-key with their Jon Stewart gets a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch on 'The Daily Show'.

I bet Jon and the TDS were cackling all day after they thought this up.  "Wait, what could I say to Benedict that would be over-the-top?"

Benedict Cumberbatch on The Daily Show - November 19th 2014 - Full Interview

Of course, the other reason I include several headlines is that Jon and Ben don't always speak up [esp. Ben, dammit] so you can glean some of what they say from THR and EW.

The Imitation Game is out in the US 28-Nov-14.  Its tumblr doesn't seem to have links for how to find it in your country, which I find annoying.

Benedict Cumberbatch puts celebrity to use illuminating historical wrong in 'The Imitation Game'

Also at EW:  Benedict Cumberbatch may be related to his 'Imitation Game' character Alan Turing.

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