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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Of 16 Anglo Fan Favorites--

The Hobbit/John Watson, Sherlock/Smaug, and Mycroft made it to Round 2!  All 16 contenders.

As did the three latest Doctors, and in a just universe, they'd just put Ten, Eleven, and Twelve against each other, but alas, not the case here.  :b  (Right now Tennant is destroying Capaldi.)  The matchups are getting cruel...

Mycroft, er, Mark is losing to Loki.

Martin is up against the Doctor.  (Don't panic, Arthur!)  Andrew lost to Matt Smith after a tight race; he's only a Time Lord, Bilbo has the Ring, right?

Ben is winning tonight, but against Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe, will he keep it up?  Thus far...

Considering that of course Gandalf/Magneto made it, but Picard/Professor X didn't, well.

Round 2 closes 11am ET Friday, 14-Nov-14.

BBC interviews:  BBC Radio 4 has their FrontRow interview with Benedict (and others!) from 4-Nov-2014.

Ben's 7-minute FrontRow clip about Alan Turing is here.  A good clip too, which may be all -- or most! -- of Ben's share of the Radio 4 interview.

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