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Monday, November 3, 2014

Anglo Fan Favorites 2014... and sex.

"32 British celebrities, five rounds, one winner" at BBC America... Will Tom Hiddleston win again?

All 16 matches for Round 1.  Plus a LOT of fandoms are represented.  I'm mentioning Team Sherlock, which includes The Hobbit too, along with Star Trek.  :)

Mark Gatiss is up against Matthew Macfadyen, and our Mycroft's winning by about ten points.

Martin Freeman has Stephen Fry as his opponent.  Poor Stephen.

Benedict contends with Nicholas Hoult.

Currently everyone in Team Sherlock is winning... except Andrew.  :/

Andrew Scott is battling Matt Smith.  Moriarty is up against the Doctor, who is ahead by about ten points.

Psst!  If you want to help out another Doctor Who writer, author Neil Gaiman was chosen again as the round's non-actor.  It's so cruel.

Round 1 closes 11am ET Friday, 7-Nov-14.

From Radio TimesBenedict Cumberbatch Defends Sherlock Holmes’ Sexual Prowess.  That really IS the title.  Honest!

RT got their excerpt from Ben's recent interview with Elle.  (A fabulous interview!)  Also see  Benedict Cumberbatch Talks Sex & Sherlock and If Sherlock Had Sex... With Molly.

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