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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Missing from SH s3.

First, seasonal fan art from JM.

Halloween should mean more candy, but I wasn't able to blog that day.  Have some deleted scenes from s3 instead.  :D

Do avoid these vids if you haven't yet seen s3, definite spoilers inside!

FYI, I found the sound hard to hear on the Outtakes, even on full volume, so you may want to crank it up.

Sherlock Set - The Sign of Three S3Ep2 St James's Park outtake by Linda Rieder -- this has music, but no dialog.

Warning, if you didn't like CAM, the next scene is creepy.  Very much so.  Brought to you via The Woman, who knows who sent the rose...

Deleted scene by Katie.

Transcript provided below, off the YT comments.

Also, here's a transcript of the scene since many people seem to be asking for one:
"They’re not all from me. The struggling carnations are from Scotland Yard, and the single rose is from...’W.’ And the black wreath? C Block Pentonville. I’m not sure the intent was entirely kindly.
Oh, I covet your hands Mr Holmes. Though since you’ve survived, I suppose you get to keep them. Look at them. The musician’s hands. An artist’s... a woman’s. Apologies for the dampness of my touch, you’ll get used to it.
Having shot you, the woman you know as Mary Watson left without killing me which is odd, because that was the reason she came. I didn’t pass on her identity to the police. Information like that is just too... valuable to be shared, wouldn’t you agree?"

Special thanks to the main heavies of Sherlock for this post:  Dear Jim, The Woman, and Mister Magnussen.  :)

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