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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rewatch report 13-August.

Rewatch of unaired pilot, first halfStopped after about 3 hrs of watching -- a record!

Got up to 30.42 in case you join in later.  :D

A few favorite bits, out of many:  HoustonWednesdayNarcissism

Next probable rewatch, finishing the pilot, will likely be Friday 17-August or Saturday 18-August.  News will be on Twitter.  

From the Independent, the now-old news about PBS having to snip scenes from Sherlock, and more recent news about Parade's End.

A bad spot in Blind Banker.  For more Chrysalis tumblr, use her Sherlock tagSherlock resorts to prayer

Cumberbatched via Nikki:  Cute in a suit, as always.   So ginger (and gold!).  More stunning GingerBatchRadioTimes Superstar!

Another fan fic by the lovely writer of Beautiful Dreamer: What Meets the Eye

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