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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yes, MORE swag!

From RedBubble, from whom I have finally purchased over a dozen frickin' stickers.   Oy.

Get a Clue (yes, like the game!).  My Name is Sherlock Holmes.

221BSet from Great GameDear Jim.

Fan art:  Dark HoursThe Nightmare Before SherlockSherlock a la Tarot (or Trump, if you read The Chronicles of Amber.)  Sherlock Kitty!  A very different Sherlock crossoverHow many Sherlocks?

A bit of lewdness:  Mycroft.  Batched/Sherlocked:  So, you've got a boyfriend.

Very Johnlock:  JohnAnother variation, using John's sweater as background.

Approaching a FangirlStand-in for fangirl

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2.

Scandal:  Wrong passcodeSentimentSherlocked, slide to unlock.

Baskerville:  Mycroft's passTexts after pub.

Reichenbach:  From Believe to Moriarty Is...   Believe poster-style.   Watson / Believe / Moriarty setBelieve in profileMoriarty wins a BAFTAJM's... app.

The gorgeous Believe in Sherlock with RF background.  May cause angst!!

Fan art:  Good Omens meets Sherlock

Telegram for Mr Arthur Conan DoyleQuotes mix from all eps.

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