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Sunday, August 12, 2012

"An Incident in June."

Drabble style writing:  Two things, this is A SPOILER for Reichenbach, and also a thought experiment -- an incident more than a story.  Read at your own risk if you have not passed all 2010 and 2012 episodes of BBC Sherlock.

The man, who wore a pin-striped suit, eyed the text message again and sighed.  It was a very small sigh, but still a sigh -- not enough to disturb anyone except himself, really.

Mycroft:  Parcel at Barts.  Fetch yourself.  Quickly. 

Mycroft Holmes slipped his phone back into his pocket, and left his club a few moments later.

The tattooed man checked through his gear again.  He had a little time before his next project.  He thought about grabbing a quick lunch, then shook his head.  No time.  He had to be getting on.  The boss had been very... insistent... about the times for this.  Almost as bad as that last gig, very picky for that also.  Made him glad this was arranged... well, differently.  Much simpler.

He made his way to Baker Street.

Not much time later, he was enjoying a nice cuppa.  He sighed, and then smiled in gratitude.

In the flat on Baker Street, the blond woman twiddled the controls.  She'd have to install another unit.  Until then, she was back to visual only.  Well, not entirely, she did have some other devices.  She patted her remaining audio-visual equipment almost fondly.

They'd been gone since the night previous.  No one had passed the windows...

But a cab should be arriving quite soon, down in the street.

She waited for it, checking her watch occasionally.  The cab arrived.

There was a recipient already chosen on her phone.

She sent a message.

Sitting at his desk facing the window, the man frowned slightly.  He adjusted his seat just a wee bit.  It would look like fidgeting, particularly after last night.  Now, yes, he could see directly into the window.  Perfect.

The target was on the phone.

In the stairwell, the tall man shook his head -- moving his dark curls a very little -- and considered.  He had everything.  The last item was fully assembled.  He checked to make sure everything was in place. 

A cab had left the street below him as he reached his chosen spot, so there should be plenty of time left. 

He put his hand on his phone.  It hadn't vibrated; he'd shut off all noises, so that it could only vibrate.  Which was a bit quiet for most people anyway, and since he was alone here, he had a moment to be certain.

No messages. 

The time was very near.  Not long now.

He settled into his spot on the steps.  His view was unimpaired from here.  Just as planned. 

A very few moments later, he watched them move up to the edge of the roof.

Just under an hour to go, then.  He stretched his legs and waited...

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