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Monday, August 13, 2012

Sherlock rewatch: SiB and pilot. (Also some goodies.)

Saturday night (11-August) was another partial Sherlock rewatch.  Partial in that it covered only 1/2 of an episode -- the second part of Scandal in this case. 

Okay, marathon more than partial anything!

But Live Tweeting an ep takes much more time than 45 minutes.  :D  I began the second half of Scandal with @SherlockCares around 11pm last night, and we stopped around 2.45am!

Later August rewatch thus far will be 27-August: Reichenbach.  I'll post times to follow.

But tomorrow -- Monday afternoon, 13-August -- I may be doing the unaired pilot rewatch.  Do see Twitter for news on that, I pray you. 

Sherlock art, from the original to the BBC.  Amusing (non-Sherlock) pic of Andrew and Benedict.  :D  More unexpected/another funny pic!

Winsome in a jacket Batch

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2.

Some Sherlock art in the spoiler zone:  Our Heroes and the Villain

A really amazing fan fic -- which despite being Johnlock, was so full of pain and love and beauty, just ravished my brain.  The writing and the voice:  WOW.  Beautiful Dreamer

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