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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or treat: fan vids!

These are all season 1.

Sherlock vs Moriarty - It's a Brand New Day uploaded by zceepy.

Ooooh, good!  ... Because you knew you wanted some more Dear Jim.  Didn't you?

Sherlock the Scientist by XOmatsujunOX.

Short vid, but very much about John's eyes -- and ours -- on SH.

Definitely will appear like Johnlock, but the creator says not.  Bless!

Sherlock Falling for the First Time by YoukoSway.

BRILL.  Of course, with BNL, how could it be otherwise?  :D

Until here, this be the spoiler territory of season 2.

BBC Sherlock- If You Ever Come Back-Post Reichenbach uploaded by SavvyTimelord.

This will cause RF angst.  Guaranteed.  :C

So you need this to cheer you up:  Sherlock - I'm Trouble uploaded by DemonicLullabyMV2.

It's a funny vid.  Because you know it's true.  But in case that wasn't enough...

One Week // Sherlock + John uploaded by liisakee.

"Potential flatmates should know the worst about each other."

BNL and Sherlock.  How could that go wrong?  How could that not be a riot?  It is a riot.

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