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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Got Sherlock??

Tonight Devil's Night is coming up... and tomorrow's Halloween.

Here's your first trick, some crossover fan art.  AKA what happens when you need Sherlock sitters... like you do (admit it, you know you do!).   

So, since my greatest bad influence of late is Sherlock, here's some habits, bad or otherwise, that I've picked up from BBC Sherlock:

== Clapping my hands together in Sherlock's style.  As per Sherlock in Study in Pink.  Mostly while I'm doing research online.

== Steepling my hands like Sherlock.

== Snapping my fingers, just one-handed, the way Dear Jim does when he leaves the Pool in SiB.

(Every time I was shortening a link on in fact, until I began to wonder where I'd pick this up.  Then I watched SiB again...)

== Saying "Dear Lord" -- because sometimes swearing isn't enough -- the way Mycroft Holmes does.  Really way too often.

== Saying "Well done, you!" as Moriarty does through his first victim in The Great Game.  Also "Patience" which I just picked up recently; the final sentence Moriarty tells Sherlock through his second victim.  That's when JM calls Sherlock and it's only those three, Sherlock, JM, and the victim.

... I've been wondering just what that poor man thought after that, of having the detective and the criminal bandy words through him.  They act like they're alone.  How creepy is that??

For that matter, SH asking when he'll hear Moriarty's own voice is damned creepy.  Normal people get prizes in Crackerbox; SH wants his prize from his nemesis.  Sherlock, honey...

== Saying "Clearly" [or "Apparently"] like Sherlock.  Mostly on Twitter, but sometimes offline or in email too.

== And of course, inserting lines from BBC Sherlock into everything.  Everywhere.  Doesn't every Sherlockian do that?

I don't think I've picked up anything from John.  Except a desire to punch Sherlock more often.  I'll have to keep an eye out.

I have noticed that when John sighs in relief in Great Game, I sigh the exact same way. Must be something about similar registers or something.  Unless Martin's an alto?  :)

If you want to mention yours here or on Twitter, do!

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