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Sunday, October 28, 2012

AWESOME: Heartwarming Sherlock.

This is all in spoiler land, sorry.  Just the way the source was written!

Forget Twitter, forget Tumblr.

If you want to lose hours and possibly days of your life, listening to other Sherlockians go into loving detail about Sherlock, read TV Tropes.  I am not making this up!

I have to admit, this entire paragraph [within Miscellaneous/Recurring], which starts with:

So in two series, John has put up with a lot from Sherlock. Apart from him being probably the worst flatmate in history

is full of win.  Absolutely totally full of win.  Read only if you've seen both seasons of Sherlock!  The tropers are lovely -- but as many of us do who have seen everything, they do cross-reference across seasons.  And episodes.

I have read all of it barring RF thus far. I'm pretty sure that will be full of angst and also heartwarming moments.  Because that's what this page is about -- the many many AWWWWW moments of Sherlock.

Yeah, well, now I've read RF too.  It is indeed full of both of those things.

Bless you, TV Tropes.  You're lovely Sherlockians.

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