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Monday, August 4, 2014

LFCC, 2014 Emmy list, s3...

ETA:  Radio Times is doing a TV Champions poll.  Right now is the Finals -- it's Benedict against David Tennant.  
Really close; do be sure to vote before 6-August-14!

Did you want to see all the 2014 Emmy nominations Sherlock got?

A video from the London Film and Comic Con 2014 that includes Sue, Mark, and Steven.  Possibly has spoilers, but knowing them, probably just teasers.  This is a preview of the Sherlocked convention also.  8)

MAJOR SPOILERS for s3 and maybe s4... since speculation is such fun, here's Down in the Valley from the amazing Final Problem.  All about Mary -- who is she?  Who is she most like in canon?

That's gone further now, in the ... Junk Drawer post.

Also, did you wonder about the Waters gang?  Here's some speculation about The Sign of Four... Three... urm.

Not speculation, but Final Problem wonders about non-shipping bloggers on tumblr, so if you know any, or yours is, do let her know.

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