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Monday, September 15, 2014

That auction got thousands!

Holy--!  Yeah, that's what Ben's suit went for on the eBay auction yesterday.  For charity.

OMG, we have the most amazing fandom in the universe.  Bar none.
I honestly thought that amount was for the whole auction.  Then I got the link to work -- apparently they had problems all day, no surprise, fandom must've been bidding like crazy!  And I really saw all that was just Ben's suit!!!

I don't know what the total for the entire auction was, eBay UK isn't showing any of the listings unless you have the direct link.  (I'd hoped for a group listing by seller, which is blank.)  And I'm not going through all 50+ of them; still, thousands came in.

I suspect Ben's suit got the second-highest bid for the entire auction.  And it's a mighty high bid!

We did good, fandom.  All of us, fans, celebrities, every person who helped spread the word and those who bid... every one of us.  THANK YOU.

We've done a lot for charity fundraising this year, and I'm sure this auction -- just like the birthday projects -- is not the last of our generosity.

And here's a funny:

If you had problems hearing Martin and Ben too, check Radio Times for a little of the muttering spelled out.

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