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Thursday, September 25, 2014

From Turing to Sherlocked.

If you sorrow for not getting the Sherlocked convention in your country/region... this is my answer to why it's only in Europe and America.  I'm sorry, my dears, but it comes down to numbers.

The higher amount of fans are in two places first.  Yes, I know and you know that certain countries have HUGE fan bases.  And matching populations.

Sherlock fandom is worldwide, sure -- but we're not concentrated everywhere.  In America and Europe are where conventions will be first.

Watch the Sherlocked FB page for regular updates.

The s3 and s4 spoilers zone follows:

Thinking about s3 still?  Here's a thoughtful review of The Empty Hearse that I discovered after meeting the writer online.

And that guy we lost in RF?  Well... did you know about the Moriarty brothers?

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