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Friday, September 26, 2014

Two fan vids; shipping in OED--!

I haven't posted a fan vid in forever, seems like.

Feels for s3, s2, and s1... also spoilers, if you haven't seen all of s3 yet.  I'm thinking you probably have, but just in case, treat both vids as spoilers!

Sherlock BBC || Narrow It Down by Grable424.

Sherlock Holmes | "Superman (It's Not Easy)" by Sarah Stardust.

The process of language is... slow.  8)  Or, things allegedly in the dictionary -- i.e, shipping.  Via the Final Problem's tumblr.  I think I posted this earlier, as Loo Brealey heard about it too, as garbled as the Daily Fail got it.  Like they do.

Fan art by Lokke.  I remember when she put this image on The Cake and gave it to Benedict!  8)

Mmm, I remember when this moment was setlock for s3!  Not any more...  Just think, s4 setlock will be starting up in mere months.

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