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Saturday, September 27, 2014

James Rhodes and mental health charity.

Pianist James Rhodes is a friend of Benedict's.  Today James got married.

Ben was part of his wedding party [an usher, it sounds like, despite penguins] while Stephen Fry wed the happy couple.

So this is for James, his wife Hattie, and their wishes -- their projects.  They requested people donate to charity (no wedding gifts), but James is also running a petition at for musical instruments.  To donate to UK children.

(ETA:  Mobile users can also call Jade as per this Tweet.)

The thing about the charities?  They're both for mental health.  James credits music with helping him with his own mental illness.

Please spread the word and/or donate.  Thanks!!

And in case you're wondering, James is also one of our Twitter ambassadors; he's been posting pics of Ben, or himself and Ben, plus occasional comments, for some time now.  Follow him and see.

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